Max: 7 tricks to get the most out of the platform

Max: 7 tricks to get the most out of the platform

Max is a streaming service, property of Warner Bros, launched to replace HBO Max. This is a completely new service, in which the content that was on the previous platform is merged and new ones are added.

There are certain functions and tricks that are very useful and at the same time unknown by users. Below is a list of the best tricks to fully enjoy the platform.


7 tricks to use the Max streaming platform

1. Create profiles to share an account

Max allows you to create up to five different profiles so that several users can share an account. These can be normal or children’s, where only content suitable for the little ones in the house will be shown. This allows several people to have the same account in a house and each one can have their own Organized statistics, recommendations and history.

To do this, you have to open the menu of options and go to Profileswhere you can edit and personalize each.

2. Limit normal account content

In addition to child profiles, normal profiles can also limit content which they can access. This must be done in the content preferences when editing a profile. Content may be limited by age, just as in children’s profiles, but classifications for minors may also be used. 14, 16 and 18 years old.

3. Download content for offline viewing

In the Max phone and tablet applications there is the option to download movies or series episodes to view them offline. To do so, you must click on the download button that will appear in the movie profile, or to the right of each chapter in the case of series. This allows you to always carry some episodes on your mobile to watch them whenever you want without worrying about spending data, perfect for traveling.

The Standard plan allows a maximum of 30 downloadsand the higher plan up to 100 items to view them offline. The series may be limited, and it also depends on the memory that the device has free.


4. Protect a profile with PIN

You can create a Security PIN for any profile. In this case it is not a PIN to prevent leaving the profile as in the children’s ones, but rather one to be able to enter it.

Every time you want to enter the profile you will have to write a login code. 4 digits.

5. Add content to your list

This function allows save the content that is seen at the beginning and is interesting but cannot be seen at the moment. A button allows you to separate that title to have it ready for see another time.

6. Customize subtitle style

Within the settings of the Max application or website there is a section to change the appearance or style of the subtitles. At the top you will see a preview of the subtitles, and below you will find all the options that can be changed.

Among them the text font, size, color, style or opacity. You can also change the color and opacity of the background behind them, and the colors and opacity of the window in which they appear.

7. Disable promotional emails

Although this can be set when you first enter Max, it can also be changed manually. To do so, you have to enter the setting from Max, look in the section Notifications and deactivate.

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