Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Sunday, June 2, according to polls

Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Sunday, June 2, according to polls

The house gets increasingly spicy near the end of the competition: find out who can leave according to the polls.

Weeks go by and the reality star Telefe, Big Brother, is coming to an end. With 8 participants in the race, it will soon be known who will be the new “little brother” to abandon the 23/24 edition.

On Wednesday in what was another nomination gala, the host Santiago Del Moro announced who were the participants who would make up this weekend’s plaque: “Florence, you are not nominated, the rest of the house is all on plaque.” However, this news was far from good for Florencia when she knew that Virginia, leader of the week, had to choose someone to get off the plate and raise a participant in her place. Since Flor was the only one left outside of it, she was also the only one to get on top of it, which the next day made up the final plate with her inside it.

Last Thursday, Virginia saved Martín, so this weekend’s plaque was made up of: Juliana, Bautista, Nicolás, Darío, Emanuel and Florencia.

As usual, Federico Bongiorno, LAM producer who closely follows all the events in the house, did a survey on his networks to ask his followers who they would vote for this week to leave the house. These are the results.

Big Brother: which participant will be eliminated on Sunday, June 2, 2024

According to the survey carried out by “Fefe”, Florencia Regidor would be the next participant to leave this edition of Big Brother. In this way, the seven that would remain in competition are Nicolás Grosman, Bautista Mascia, Emmanuel Vich, Martín Kú, Darío Martínez Corti, Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglione and Virginia Demo.

Fede Bongiorno Big Brother Survey.png

Big Brother 2024: day and time of the elimination gala

Will what the polls say come true again or will there be a surprise? To know the answer to that question you cannot miss the next elimination gala. It will be this Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m., obviously on the Telefe screen.

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