Katy Karrenbauer: Actress suffered a mild stroke

Katy Karrenbauer: Actress suffered a mild stroke

TV star Katy Karrenbauer suffered a stroke and had to undergo surgery. Now she is making a personal comeback.

Actress Katy Karrenbauer (61), known from the TV series “Hinter Gittern – der Frauenknast”, is in hospital where she had to undergo an operation. As she announced on her Instagram account yesterday, Saturday, the reason for this was a mild stroke.

In the days before, Karrenbauer had already informed her followers about her hospital stay in several posts, without mentioning the reason for it. She now revealed the secret and reported on the events of the last few days.

Stroke symptoms initially ignored

With a large plaster on her neck and visibly exhausted, she reports: “It has been 48 hours since my operation. I was in intensive care until yesterday. Last Tuesday I couldn’t move my hand or forearm. The first thing that came to my mind was: could it have been a stroke?”

As she explains further in the clip, she initially ignored this thought. As she happened to accompany her father to the hospital that same day, she spoke to the doctors there about the symptoms she had noticed and was advised to undergo a more thorough examination. She reported on what happened next: “I then went to my vein doctor and finally to a hospital. I hesitated at first and then went to an emergency room.”

Chances for full recovery are good

An examination lasting several hours finally revealed that she had suffered a mild stroke and needed immediate surgery. According to Karrenberger, the operation went without any major complications. “I now have a long scar and will also need another operation on the other side of my neck,” said the actress. “But the doctors told me that the chances of getting completely healthy again are very good.”

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