Netflix: the captivating movie of sex, money and power that lasts 2 hours

Netflix: the captivating movie of sex, money and power that lasts 2 hours

The film adapts an investigative book that demonstrates the dark clandestine world that hides in the streets of Dubai.

The price of pleasure is one of the risque movies that are in the Netflix catalog. This story focuses on a young and ambitious woman who will use her sensuality to achieve everything she sets her mind to. This erotic and dark story about an escort is based on real events.

The production adapts the investigative book Girls from Dubai by Piotr Krysiak in just over two hours of film. The development of the film will show the darkest sides of “the oldest profession in the world.” At the same time, the piece functions as an analysis and criticism of the ease of people falling into the mercy of seduction by luxury and ambition.

What is “The Price of Pleasure”, a Netflix movie, about?

This production demonstrates the cold duality of Dubai, in the midst of its hot climate. This city has its glamorous side, full of wealth and power. As well as people who are carried away by the promises of accessing the highest social classes. This last place is the one occupied by Emi, the protagonist of the film.

Emi pursues her desire to become one of the millionaire women in the United Arab Emirates. This leads her to take every opportunity she finds, entering a world of excess and becoming a VIP escort. But her decisions will change others because the sheikhs will incite her to recruit other young women to join her dangerous work.

Trailer for “The Price of Pleasure”, Netflix movie

Embed – The Price of Pleasure – Official Dubbed Trailer – HD – Suspense Movie | Filmelier

Cast of “The Price of Pleasure”, Netflix movie

The main actors of the film are:

  • Paulina Galazka: Emi
  • Katarzyna Figure: Dorota
  • Katarzyna Sawczuk: Marianna
  • Olga Kalicka: Kamila
  • Giulio Berruti: Sam
  • Józef Pawlowski: Bartek
  • Andrea Preti: Bahir
  • Iacopo Ricciotti: Carlito
  • Luca Molinari: Santino
  • Tomasz Sobczak: Dymitri
  • Michal Wolny: Jan

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