Mirtha Legrand’s indignation with Javier Milei’s government over the food scandal: “It’s a shame”

Mirtha Legrand’s indignation with Javier Milei’s government over the food scandal: “It’s a shame”

in your program “Mirtha’s nights”the diva questioned this Saturday the lack of action and transparency in food distribution, especially in a context of growing need in the country.

Mirtha Legrand was outraged by the scandal of expired food in Capital Humano

Legrand highlighted the seriousness of the situation, pointing out that Thousands of kilos of essential foods such as rice, corn flour and yerba mate were lost due to their expirationwhile many people suffer from hunger.

Furthermore, he warned of the imminent expiration date of thousands of tons of milk powder in July, urging rapid distribution.

He also emphasized the importance of a equitable and efficient distributionfood entitysuggesting that the warehouse doors be opened and distributed as soon as possible to avoid further losses.

“If you have that to feed people, don’t you open the doors wide and start distributing accordingly?” said Chiqui.

In a call to action, Mirtha Legrand urged authorities to prioritize food distribution and ensure that it reaches those who need it most, especially at a time of economic and social crisis.

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Mirtha Legrand asked for an equitable distribution of food

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The driver’s statements were given precisely the same day that the Federal judge Sebastián Casanello will order the search of the warehouses of the Ministry of Human Capital, which are located in Villa Martelli, where the ministry has stored food for the canteens.

The magistrate, who serves in the National Criminal and Federal Correctional Court number 7ordered a “subsidy search warrant” in the “Martelli Operational Center”, one of the targeted places where the wallet that leads Pettovello food is retained.

The operation in the Buenos Aires town was a consequence of the request of the Prosecutor Paloma Ochoa, from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office number 10and seeks that police personnel can “verify what was reported by the Ministry of Human Capital of the Nation regarding the type of product, brand, batch and quantity of food and their respective entry and expiration dates.”

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