Michelle and Eric Philippi: Couple reveals adoption plans

Michelle and Eric Philippi: Couple reveals adoption plans

Their love seems unusual to many – but that doesn’t stop Michelle and Eric Philippi from making further plans for the future.

Almost a year after announcing their love, pop singer Michelle (52) and her partner Eric Philippi (27) are now apparently thinking about the next step. On June 2nd, they announced on the RTL talk show “stern TV am Sonntag” that they are considering adoption. While the singer already has three daughters, her partner is still childless.

They remain tight-lipped about the wedding

“Unfortunately, Michelle can no longer have children,” stressed Eric Philippi on the RTL show. However, the two still wanted to “give a child a home.” Because: “We think it’s great when you can give a child a perspective and a good life in times like these.” His famous partner added: “We’ve talked about it a lot. He’s 27 and he has every right in the world to say that he wants to have his own children.” For her, this is “a great opportunity to do something good for a child who comes from a bad background.” Therefore, she explained: “Something like that is absolutely an option for me.”

Whether the couple is also thinking about getting married in addition to having children, the two kept to themselves: “We’re not saying anything about that today,” said Eric Philippi.

They revealed their love in Silbereisen’s show

In April 2023, Michelle and Eric Philippi announced their relationship at Florian Silbereisen’s (42) “Schlagerbooom”. The two work together privately and professionally. In addition to performances, they also released the single “Falsch Dich zu lieben” together in December 2023. In October 2023, Michelle announced her retirement for the third time. Although she plans to continue to perform live with her band, “Flutlicht” (released July 5, 2024) is to be her last album.

She herself looks back on a difficult childhood, as she said in an interview with “stern” in April. She lived in several foster families and sometimes on the streets. She also had to experience domestic violence. “I slept secretly at a friend’s house and went out again during the day to work in a bar and earn a bit of money,” the singer said of her past. She also had difficult times later on: in 2003 she suffered a stroke, but quickly returned to the stage. She “often neglected” her health and concluded: “I should have taken better care of myself.”

Her private life was also turbulent. She was married twice and had a daughter from each of her marriages. From 1999 to 2001 she was also with her colleague Matthias Reim (66), with whom she also had a daughter.

Source: Stern

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