Concern for Kim Gloss: She had to undergo surgery for a brain tumor

Concern for Kim Gloss: She had to undergo surgery for a brain tumor

Kim Gloss explains the reason for her extended social media break. The singer underwent surgery for a brain tumor.

“My dears, it’s been a bit quiet here lately and unfortunately there’s a reason for that,” Kim Gloss (31) explains her social media break. “Due to a brain tumor, I had to have surgery on my head,” she reveals in her Instagram stories.

Kim Gloss has to take it easy

She has already had the operation and “everything went well,” Gloss continued. But now it is important for her to “take it easy.” The singer and influencer wants to get in touch with her fans and followers again soon. She does not reveal any further details.

She is a mother of two

Kim Gloss became known throughout Germany in 2010 through her participation in the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (Germany’s Next Top Model), where she came in fourth place. In addition to music, the singer built a second career as a reality TV actress. In 2012, she took part in “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”, where she came in second place behind jungle queen Brigitte Nielsen (60).

In the jungle, she also met – and fell in love with – actor Rocco Stark (38). They became a couple and had a daughter together in 2013. The pregnancy was accompanied by a television team from RTL for several shows. The two separated in 2013. Kim Gloss is now married to her new partner Alexander. Their daughter was born in 2022.

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