Daniela Büchner: She defends herself against nasty comments on the internet

Daniela Büchner: She defends herself against nasty comments on the internet

Daniela Büchner has received a lot of criticism online for her drastic weight loss. Now she is defending herself against the comments.

Daniela Büchner (46) has undergone a real transformation in the past few months: the reality TV star has lost around 20 kilos and is noticeably slimmer. A completely new attitude to life for the 46-year-old, who is visibly comfortable in her “new” body. The mother of five children regularly posts mirror selfies and bikini pictures.

Criticism for Danni Büchner’s weight loss

But as good as Büchner feels, the change has also brought with it some new fears – for example, that she might gain weight again by eating certain foods. Her children were also worried that an illness could be behind the rapid weight loss. In addition, she receives regular criticism from some followers.

Comments about the 46-year-old include “Absolutely not age-appropriate” and “Wow, how old and gaunt she looks.” Some also suspect that Büchner lost the weight with the help of a weight-loss injection such as Ozempic.

Did Daniela Büchner take Ozempic?

However, she vehemently insists that she only lost weight through exercise and a change in diet: “In general, I pay attention to calories. I try to keep my diet high in protein, eat lots of vegetables, eggs, salads and when I snack, I try to use low-sugar alternatives,” Bücher told “Bild”. In addition, she takes at least 7,000 steps a day and does several home workouts a week. Filming the “Jungle Camp” all-star season in South Africa helped her shed extra pounds.

Danni Büchner also claims that she has not used a weight loss injection: “I have actually heard about it and there have always been situations where I thought: OK, I’ll try it or not. But then I saw people in my circle of friends who had taken it and who were really, really bad and that was the end of it for me.”

The comments about Ozempic and co. are also apparently affecting Daniela Büchner emotionally. “The problem is, you can never please everyone. When I posted a photo before, people said I was too fat, how could I show myself like that? Now I’ve lost a lot of weight and people say I’m too thin or look ‘sagging’. What now?”, the widow of Jens Büchner (1969-2018) told “Bild”.

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