Argentine Artisanal Ice Cream Cup: with what curious flavor the champion was crowned

Argentine Artisanal Ice Cream Cup: with what curious flavor the champion was crowned

Ice cream makers from different parts of Argentina participated in the 7th edition of the Argentine Cup of the Home made ice cream which took place on June 3 and 4 and brought together 8 teams made up of teachers and ice cream makers. This event included the participation of pairs from Mar del Plata, Rosario, San Martín de los Andes, Pergamino and Buenos Aires.

The Association of Artisanal Ice Cream and Related Manufacturers (AFADHYA) together with the Federation of Pastry Workers, Quick Services, Confectioners, Ice Cream Makers, Pizza Makers and Alfajoreros (FTPSRCHPYA) announced yesterday the team that was crowned champion, within the framework of FITHEP, the International Fair of Technology for Ice Cream, Jams, Chocolates, Bakeries, Pastas, Pizzas and Convenience Items.

To do this, the ice cream makers presented their creations in three categories: mono portion in glass, mystery box and decorated cake.

They did so before a jury with an excellent track record made up of the brand new president of the Gelato World Cup and Italian Master Ice Cream Maker, Sergio Colalucci, who chaired the jury, along with prominent Argentine pastry chefs and ice cream makers such as Ariel Segesser, Eduardo Ruiz, Maximiliano Maccarrone and the ice cream master, Lorena Rinesi.

Each preparation was evaluated individually, receiving a score that took into account the organoleptic quality (flavor, color, texture, sensation of cold), technical skill, hygiene (following good manufacturing practices), originality, final presentation, staging. and work together.

The big winner of the artisanal ice cream cup

The team that was chosen as the winner for its three creations was made up of the master ice cream makers Diego Colaneri (45 years old) and Diego Calculli (31 years old), who surprised with a dulce de leche ice cream with cream cheese and fernet variegato, in the Mystery box category.

Their presentations were inspired by the theme “flowers and aromas” to also develop the single portion of glass and frozen cake. After an arduous competition, they won the coveted award and authorization to compete in the Latin American Artisanal Ice Cream Championship.


The best artisanal ice cream

The contest awarded the best ice cream according to the characteristics of structure, flavor and quality. The team that received this award was “Quality Control”, with its preparation of vanilla cream infused with jasmine tea flavored with lemon zest and vanilla beans.

“We are proud to have organized, once again, this Cup that year after year has increased the level of preparation and the professionalism of the contestants. This competition is a great opportunity to demonstrate that Argentine Artisanal Ice Cream (HA) is one of the best in the world. world and the excellence that was seen in this contest demonstrated it” highlighted Maximiliano Maccarrone, president of AFADHYA.

Cardamom and pepper, the main species

The 7th edition of the Argentine Cup stood out for the inclusion of innovative ingredients to create new flavors that conquered both the public and the jury, including cardamom, pink pepper, corn and jasmine.

For its part, another jury made up of journalists participated in the contest and chose its winner. This mention went to the “Via gelato” team, with their preparation of “Salted Pistacchio”.

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