Open air, food truck festival and brunch time in Grieskirchen city centre

Open air, food truck festival and brunch time in Grieskirchen city centre
Various places in Grieskirchen’s city centre will be used for new events.

Since autumn, city councillor Thomas Wimleitner (VP) has been the chairman of Grieskirchen’s city marketing department. He has already come quite close to his goal of increasing the number of members from 82 to around 100 by the end of the year; currently 97 companies are members and pay into the fund. The contributions are used to implement activities to revitalize the city center. Yesterday, Wimleitner and managing director Lilli Brauneis presented some new event formats for the summer and autumn. “After years, there will be an open air event on the church square again this year, with Rainer Gagstädter and his band Stressfrei,” he announced. The concert with Austropop songs will take place on August 9th on the church square. Also new is a regional gourmet festival on October 4th, where food trucks will offer various dishes made from regional ingredients.

Club Day

The summer of events will start next weekend. On Saturday, the Club Day will take place, this year on the premises of the Kröswang grocery store, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has invited people. Around 40 clubs will present their offers to the public with live demonstrations from 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Entrepreneurs have initiated the “Brunchtime” event, which will take place for the first time on June 29th at Pühringerplatz. The plan is to have a small “sand beach” with loungers, wine tasting and music with the jazz lounge trio led by Robert Müller. “The idea is to expand this format and hold it at different locations such as the Rossmarkt or the Stadtplatz,” says managing director Lilli Brauneis.

The public viewing of the European Football Championship matches, organized by the Grieskirchen sports club, will take place at Pühringerplatz from 14 June to 14 July.

Musical City Summer

Other events include the Italian market (22 to 25 August), the musical beer gardens, which have been renamed the Musical City Summer, with concerts at local inns in July and August, and a celebration to mark the “40 Years of Farmers’ Market” anniversary on 21 September.

The city marketing department is increasing its social media activities, including for its members, and Roland Sonnleitner, an expert, is on board to help.

There are currently no new openings planned in Grieskirchen. The search for a new tenant is still ongoing for the former “Prosciutto” restaurant owned by the Rauch family. A successor is also being sought for the Englmaier butcher’s shop in Mühlbachgasse. Josef Englmaier is retiring at the end of August.

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