After rumors of marriage crisis: Jennifer Lopez talks about “negativity”

After rumors of marriage crisis: Jennifer Lopez talks about “negativity”

After persistent rumors of a marital crisis, Jennifer Lopez has spoken out against the “negativity in the world out there.”

Pop star Jennifer Lopez’s (54) life has been turbulent recently. After constant media reports about an alleged marital crisis with Ben Affleck (51), the singer canceled her North American tour planned for the summer last weekend. In addition, Lopez repeatedly appeared demonstratively at Affleck’s side at public appearances. Now the 54-year-old has also spoken out firmly against “negativity” in a personal letter.

Jennifer Lopez with a clear statement

In a new “On The JLo” newsletter, which was sent to the singer’s subscribers on Wednesday (June 5), Lopez first thanks her fans for making her new Netflix film “Atlas” number one on the streaming service for the second week. “Thank you all so much!!!” writes “J.Lo”.

Then come words that leave a lot of room for interpretation. “It may seem like there is a lot of negativity out there in the world right now… but don’t let the voices of a few drown out the fact that there is soooo much love out there,” says Lopez. It remains unclear whether the singer is referring to the media speculation of the past few weeks with her statement. She has not yet made an official statement about the status of her marriage.

The singer last appeared in public with her husband Affleck on June 2nd, when the couple attended a basketball game for his son Samuel (12). The two superstars reportedly came to the event separately. Affleck and Lopez hugged and kissed on site. However, according to US media reports, they did not kiss on the lips. Lopez and Affleck reportedly only briefly pressed their cheeks together, and this rather friendly kiss did not really dispel rumors of a crisis in their marriage.

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