Pros & Cons: No more pre-scientific work – a good idea?

Pros & Cons: No more pre-scientific work – a good idea?
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Barbara Eidenberger

Head of Online/Digital Media and Upper Austria/Regional

Towards the future

What the Minister of Education considers to be a given turns out to be vague upon closer inspection. The expert group has not yet submitted its final report when the Minister announces the end of the VWA at the AHS.

Although the minister argues that the use of AI programs is not the reason for the abolition, one can assume the opposite. Capitulating to a technology is never the right way. The question “What is education and how do we acquire it?” must be asked anew. If the end of the VWA is accompanied by the possibility of demanding innovative projects from students, the decision can be one that points to the future, not the past.

Barbara Rohrhofer

Barbara Rohrhofer

Head of Life and Health Editorial Department

AI is the future

At first glance, the abolition of pre-scientific work (VWA) is of course an enormous relief for teachers, students and parents. On closer inspection, one wonders whether all things that are new, challenging, complicated and perhaps time-consuming should not simply be part of it. The VWA represented an opportunity for students to learn independent, scientific work, time management and personal responsibility. All skills that can be put to good use later in life – at university or in the workplace. Just like the correct application of artificial intelligence (AI) for young people whose future will be shaped by AI.

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