Big Brother: this is how the nominees plate looked

Big Brother: this is how the nominees plate looked

The 22 former reality players went through the confessional to join the game this week.

Big Brother is in its final stretch with seven participants in the race towards what is expected to be a close finish with many surprises. During Monday and Tuesday, the former players re-entered the housethey went through the confessional and were in charge of putting together the new nominee plaque.

After the stay of each person’s friends and family, came the visit of the 22 former participants who left the program since it began last December. This upset each of those who continue in the cycle, particularly due to the disappointments and bewilderment of some.

In principle, after the weekly leader test, Martín and Emma reached the final and dueled to obtain the biggest prize and thus ensure one more week inside the house thanks to immunity. The competition consisted of each person having to build a tower with wooden chips on a sloping platform. At the same time, with a small ball, they had to knock down their opponents’ balls.

Once the last test was started, Martín was the winner and took the weekly leadership for the eighth time. In addition to not being able to be voted on by your peers, you will have the option to modify the final board of nominees to your liking.

It should be remembered that beyond the decision that the former little brothers had regarding the nomination plate, Juliana “Furia” Scaglione is sanctioned by Big Brother until the reality show ends. This way, she will always be at risk of leaving the cycle.

How the nominees board was formed in Big Brother

With this panorama and with Martín Ku as leader of the week, with immunity and the possibility of removing someone from the plate and putting another in their place, these are the participants nominated by choice of the former little brothers: Furia Scaglione, Darío Martínez Corti, Virginia Demo, Emmanuel Vich and Nicolás Grosman.


One of them will abandon the competition next Sunday and, with this, he will say goodbye to his desire to be responsible for turning off the lights in the house. From social networks, fans were quick to express their messages of support for the nominees and there are those who promoted initiatives to favor the most loved ones.

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