Can we know what cats feel with Artificial Intelligence?

Can we know what cats feel with Artificial Intelligence?

Discover everything that’s going on in your cats’ heads with this new tool.

We all dream of boys with power communicate with our pets. Now, this may be possible with the addition of a Artificial intelligence in applications, necklaces and small appliances.

Just as Google Translate allows us to communicate with people who speak a language other than ours, MeowTalk It is an application that translates cats’ meows in human language.


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MeowTalk: the application that translates meows into human language

This app was developed by Javier Sánchez, a former Amazon engineer who contributed to the development of Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. You just have to download it and record the cat’s meow. The software compares it to an extensive database to provide a translation based on possible intentions and meanings.

The more you use the app, the more accurate it will bebecause machine learning software and AI will improve your understanding of each cat’s meow through recording and labeling the sounds.

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