Uruguay continues opening markets in Asia and will be able to export meat to Malaysia

Uruguay continues opening markets in Asia and will be able to export meat to Malaysia

This Thursday the National Meat Institute (INAC) confirmed the agreement between Malaysia and Uruguay. “As a result of this mission and the joint work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the re-opening of the Malaysian market for Uruguayan halal beef and sheep was completed,” he confirmed.

On the other hand, they announced that they will soon carry out the necessary technical specifications so that exports meet the requirements of that country where halal meat is consumed, that is, one that respects Islamic laws on how the product is produced and processed.

“In the coming days, the technical services will agree on the health and religious details necessary for the start of the commercial flow,” the statement said.

The visit to the Asian country was made up of the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Fernando Mattosthe president of INAC, Conrado Ferber, and the Market Access Manager of INAC, Alvaro Pereira.


Malaysia’s enthusiasm

With the aim of guaranteeing a stable supply of meat within the country, the Malaysian government was motivated by the agreement with Uruguay. “I see great potential for Malaysia to explore this Uruguayan meat and dairy market, to ensure a stable supply of halal meat and further drive the country’s food security agenda,” said the Malaysian deputy prime minister. Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidito The Edge Malaysia newspaper.

In that sense, the leader commented that a team from that country previously visited Uruguay to carry out the necessary audits. “He Department of Veterinary Services and Jakim herself have carried out halal visits and audits to 21 ruminant slaughterhouses in Uruguay since last April, and are in the final phase before these slaughterhouses are officially granted halal status,” commented Ahmad Zahid.

On the other hand, they highlighted the commitment of the Uruguayan government to guarantee that meat meets religious requirements. “The Uruguayan government has provided guarantees through legislation that the Islamic Center of Uruguay (UIC)which is the halal certification body in that country, will comply with the halal standards of Malaysia”, remarked the Malaysian leader.

A journey of almost three years

Negotiations with the Malaysian country began in September 2021 where the Uruguayan government kicked off the negotiations through its participation in the fair. Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) for the first time.

Meanwhile, in November of that same year, a Malaysian public-private delegation visited the Uruguay with the aim of directing the opening process between both countries.

Subsequently, in April and May of this year, 22 Uruguayan meat processing plants were audited by Malaysian authorities to see if they met the necessary health requirements.

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