The PIT-CNT asks that the new scandal in the Astesiano case be investigated responsibly

The PIT-CNT asks that the new scandal in the Astesiano case be investigated responsibly

The union center issued a statement in which it expressed its “enormous concern” about events that “deeply harm democratic values.”

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He PIT-CNT issued a statement following the disclosed chats of the former custodian Alejandro Astesiano that account for a illegal espionage made about the president of the union confederation, Marcelo Abdala, and assured that if these facts are confirmed, they would constitute a “departure from respect for the rule of law” that “deeply harms democratic values.”

The political world is once shocked by a scandal that hits the government and, above all, the president squarely. Luis Lacalle Pou: after the weekly Busqueda published some chats from the president’s former security chief in which the request and the carrying out of an unofficial investigation of Abdala by the Anti-Drug Brigade —after the traffic accident that the unionist was involved in in 2022— and, mainly, the knowledge that the head of state had about it; The reactions came from all sides and, once again, what happened in the Executive Tower.

Given this novelty in the call Astesian casehe PIT-CNT issued a public statement expressing its “deep concern.” “The possibility that a social activist is the subject of secret investigations from presidential security, presumably intended to harm him and that these are known to the President of the Republic, must be analyzed with moderation and responsibility, being imperative to find out the truth” , he noted in the text, and stated that he will analyze the steps to follow.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor Sabrina Flores —who was in charge of the case after the retirement of Gabriela Fossati— asked to make a new expertise to the cell phone of the former presidential custodian to access the messages he exchanged with Lacalle Pou. It seeks to establish whether there are elements that could determine the responsibilities of the Presidency in the “illegitimate monitoring” of Abdala.

Lacalle Pou would have responded “perfect” to the report Astesian regarding the investigation of a warehouse in Old City which the president of the union had entered before having the accident. For the former custodian, a “mouth” of drug sales, but it was finally confirmed that the trade was unrelated to the crime.

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