Resetting neck pain: Why openness is important when dealing with pain

Resetting neck pain: Why openness is important when dealing with pain

An athlete goes to the doctor with neck pain. The fact that he complains of discomfort when palpating certain vertebrae makes the doctor sit up and take notice.

The young man seemed unconcerned when he came to my practice. He said he just wanted to get it adjusted quickly, as he had been having pain in his neck since a football match two weeks ago. Sitting in front of me was a well-trained amateur athlete who played football several times a week in a club. He responded to my questions in a friendly manner, but was a little reserved in his answers. It was clear that he wanted to get the matter over with quickly.

At first glance, there was nothing to speak against releasing the possible joint blockage in the cervical spine. Afterwards, the neck muscles would also relax again with heat treatment.

When I examined the patient, I noticed that he had difficulty turning his head: only 50 degrees to the right and only 30 to the left. He could also hardly bend his head forward. Overall, the entire cervical spine was crooked, as can be the case with scoliosis or after an injury.

When I palpated the individual vertebrae on his back, the patient complained of pain in the vertebral arches of the seventh cervical vertebra and the first thoracic vertebra. This made me sit up and take notice, because the young athlete was probably inclined to downplay his symptoms.

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