Emma Roberts: Restraining order against stalker obtained

Emma Roberts: Restraining order against stalker obtained

Emma Roberts can breathe a sigh of relief: A judge has issued a five-year restraining order against the man who has been stalking her for weeks.

Emma Roberts (33) can feel safe again. Since May, she has been harassed by a stalker who broke into her house and bothered her with text messages and calls. On June 6, a judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the 32-year-old from coming within 100 meters of the actress and her three-year-old son Rhodes.

The same applies to her place of residence, her workplace and the kindergarten of the boy, who is from her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund (39). In addition, the stalker is not allowed to contact her “either directly or indirectly in any way”. The temporary injunction is set for five years.

“Persistent fear” due to break-in at her home

The stalker is said to have first harassed Emma Roberts on May 7 or 8 when he gained entry to her home while she was out. He then called her private cell phone using her landline phone. “During the conversation, I realized the caller was a stranger and he confirmed that he was still in my apartment,” she said in court documents. Despite the police being called immediately, he was able to evade arrest.

“I am in a state of constant fear and panic about returning to my own home,” Roberts said in the documents. It was also said that the man was bombarding her with “strange text messages” – in which he also talked about her son, which is why she was “concerned about his intentions and what he might be capable of.” The “Madame Web” actress was afraid that the man would return to her house again and was under “significant emotional distress.”

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