Jennifer Aniston: Longing for innocent “Friends” times

Jennifer Aniston: Longing for innocent “Friends” times

In September, the series “Friends” celebrates its 30th anniversary. Jennifer Aniston wishes she had a time machine to go back to the old days.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the US sitcom “Friends” was one of the most successful series worldwide. Even two decades after the end of the “Friends” era in 2004, fans long for the old days when the old circle of friends, embodied by later Hollywood greats Jennifer Aniston (55), Courteney Cox (59), Lisa Kudrow (60), Matt LeBlanc (56), Matthew Perry (1969-2023) and David Schwimmer (57), still went from big city adventure to big city adventure.

with actress and producer Quinta Brunson (34), Jennifer Aniston, who played the character Rachel Green in the series, reported that she also longs for those past times to return.

When Brunson mentioned during the conversation that the series would be 30 years old next September, 55-year-old Aniston replied: “And I’m turning 30 too!” The thought that the series had already started 30 years ago seemed extremely strange to her.

“A family forever”

“The fact that she had this long, wonderful life and still means a lot to people is one of the greatest gifts that all five of us – all six of us – could never have imagined,” the actress said. Her remaining five colleagues – Matthew Perry died in October 2023 – are still in close contact. The former Friends are “a family forever.”

“It really was an innocent time”

Even apart from the exciting era in the “Friends” ensemble, the 90s were a fantastic and extremely carefree time. “We had the luxury of not having social media or the internet, so we were so isolated and protected,” Aniston explained. “You weren’t faced with comments from people trying to tear you apart or whatever. It was really an innocent time when we could roam through the world much more easily.”

When her colleague Quinta Brunson finally became nostalgic and wished to return to the old days, Jennifer Aniston enthusiastically interjected: “But we can do that. Time machine! We’ll build one.”

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