Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Sunday, June 9, according to polls

Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Sunday, June 9, according to polls

The trend is almost irreversible: find out in the note who would be eliminated from the most famous house in the country.

There is less and less time left for Great Heramno to come to an end; There are only seven participants left in the Telefé reality show house. This Sunday one of them will say goodbye to the program that has been on the air since December 2023.

After what was a special nomination gala (the 22 former participants of this edition came to vote) the plaque was made up of Furia Scaglione (who is always on board due to the GH sanction), Darío Martínez Corti, Virginia Demo, Emmanuel Vich and Nicolás Grosman.

However, the leader of the week, Martín Ku, had the chance to alter the board on Thursday and he did it: he saved Darío and brought up Bautista Mascia, the only player who was not nominated to be on the final board.

Big Brother 2023: this will be the new one eliminated, according to surveys

As usual, surveys Federico Bongiorno They didn’t wait this week. The journalist and producer who follows in detail everything that happens in the Big Brother house asked his followers on social networks who will be the next eliminated from the house. They give a trend that seems irreversible.


Surprisingly for many, Juliana “Furia” Scaglione would be the next eliminated from the Big Brother house. The controversial player who was classified as a great strategist, but also possessed of controversial behavior, would have her hours numbered within the competition.

Big Brother 2024: time for the June 9 elimination gala

Next Sunday, June 9, as usual since Big Brother started, we will find out who will be next eliminated from the Telefe house. From 10 p.m.on the open TV channel there will be one of the elimination galas that could be historic for this edition due to the large flow of votes expected.

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