Actor: Joe Bausch: “As a red fox I was teased”

Actor: Joe Bausch: “As a red fox I was teased”

Joe Bausch became known as a “Tatort” actor and author. Now he has come to terms with his childhood – with moving details.

Actor Joe Bausch (71) says he suffered from his red hair as a child. “As a redhead, I was first teased by my classmates and then beaten up on the way home from school,” he told “Welt am Sonntag”. It was always said that redheads were in league with the devil. “This belief was persistent, just like the one that redheads were always angry, extremely wrathful and impulsive. Which was true in my case,” said the author, who also became known as a forensic pathologist from the Cologne “Tatort”.

In his new work “Crazy Blood,” Bausch deals with his childhood and youth. “Originally, this book was supposed to be my first work,” he told the paper. “But a good ten years ago, I wasn’t mentally ready to delve so deeply and uncompromisingly into the first two decades of my life.” His previous publications have always dealt with the lives of strangers. “Reflecting on your own, as unreservedly as I did, is a completely different matter.”

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