Accident deprived five children of their father: All of St. Martin supports the family

Accident deprived five children of their father: All of St. Martin supports the family
The father of the five children aged between seven months and eleven years was killed in a traffic accident. (private)

If everything was OK with his loved ones, Josef Rammelmüller was fine too. “Sepp was away on construction sites a lot for work. That’s why he always called during the day and asked if everything was OK at home,” says Carina Hofer, a good friend of the family.

On May 21, the father of five from Plöcking (municipality of St. Martin im Mühlkreis) stopped reporting. That day, his wife Tanja received the terrible news that her husband had died in a traffic accident on the B122 in Sierning.

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Their children are between seven months and eleven years old. They also lost a playmate: “He was very skilled at handicrafts and created a little play paradise in the garden at home. He always wanted the best for his family,” says Carina Hofer.

Financial worries

There is great sympathy in the Mühlviertel community. Musicians, clubs and friends have come together and put on a concert. Everything else – from food to the children’s program – is also provided by volunteers and companies from the area.

With the charity event in the Granitarena Plöcking on June 16th, they want to help the family financially. Their house still has to be paid off, and their mother is looking after the little ones at home. “They can use every euro,” says Daniela Eichinger, who helped organize the event.

The project triggered a wave of willingness to help. The schoolmates of Sara and Jannik, the deceased’s eldest children, and their teachers also volunteered to support the good cause. Those involved also provided emotional support. They gave the family the feeling that they were not left alone with their worries.

The victim was also characterized by his willingness to help. The 60-year-old was always on hand, especially for construction-related issues. Because of his diverse talents and interests, Josef Rammelmüller had several nicknames. “In our housing estate, we called him ‘Bagger Sepp’ or ‘Sepp mit de Hunde’,” says Carina Hofer. Dogs because he also had a big heart for his Rottweilers.

In his free time, he also enjoyed riding his motorbike or going on bike rides with the kids. Josef was also known for his direct manner. “He once said to me that it wasn’t important to him what strangers thought of him. What was important to him were the people he liked and that they knew they could rely on him.”

Information about the concert

In memory of Josef Rammelmüller, a benefit concert will take place on Sunday, June 16th, from 2:30 p.m. to around 4:30 p.m. in the Plöcking Granite Arena (municipality of St. Martin im Mühlkreis). Musicians, the Granite Adventure World Association, the fire brigade, teachers, schoolmates, the sports club and many other volunteers will be taking part in the afternoon. In case of bad weather, the concert will take place in the Aubach curling hall.

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