The name Anne Hathaway is on everyone’s lips: That’s why she inspires with her fashion style

The name Anne Hathaway is on everyone’s lips: That’s why she inspires with her fashion style

One red carpet appearance after another and Anne Hathaway impresses with her looks every time. Why is that?

The name Anne Hathaway (41) is currently on everyone’s lips. This is partly due to her new film “When You Saw Me”, in which she plays the leading role alongside Nicholas Galitzine (29). The two play a couple in love and cause a stir in the film due to their 16-year age difference. But Anne Hathaway has not only remained young in her role.

The US actress’ 41 years are not apparent in her numerous red carpet appearances. Instead, she always impresses with her fresh look and extravagant outfit creations. Why is that?

Mini dresses – but with tights and platform shoes

Anne Hathaway has three styling rules that work well with her slim figure and height of 1.73 meters. Firstly, there are the glamorous mini dresses that the 41-year-old always wears. Although they are short, they still look appropriate and not too provocative. Hathaway often wears transparent tights – and platform shoes. This visually lengthens her figure and gives the look a certain high-fashion touch. On Instagram, for example, she presented long sleeves, a white collar and floral prints. Underneath, she chose black, but transparent tights and black boots with platform soles.

Simple pieces in high-fashion style

What Anne Hathaway is also known for: She relies on classic and timeless pieces, but often gives them a modern upgrade with accessories, asymmetrical cuts or cut-outs. A prime example is the one she wore at the premiere of her mini series “We Crashed”. The sophisticated cut-outs not only gave an unobstructed view of the actress’ black bra. The asymmetrically arranged cutouts also highlighted her toned stomach as well as her left arm and right leg – a classic Anne Hathaway look.

Wide waist belts

Last but not least, the Oscar winner regularly uses an accessory that is currently on trend anyway. Wide waist belts are often integrated into Hathaway’s wardrobe. They not only create a slim midsection, but also create a high-fashion effect – as was the case at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in February.

Natural make-up and confident charisma

The actress also scores points with her naturalness and her pleasant charisma. Hathaway has been using her signature hairstyle for years: she wears her brunette hair about chest length, mostly in natural waves and with bangs that flatter her face. She keeps her make-up mostly subtle, but occasionally emphasizes her lips with lots of gloss or her eyes with dark eye shadow. She shows once again that the motto “less is more” always works.

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