Martinelli proposed creating an interdisciplinary working group in Mercosur

Martinelli proposed creating an interdisciplinary working group in Mercosur

The Minister of the Interior insisted on the need for the region to work together to combat the advance of terrorist groups and drugs such as fentanyl.

The Minister of the Interior, Nicolas Martinelli, proposed creating an interdisciplinary working group that would operate within the framework of the Mercosur, with the aim of combating organized crime throughout the continent. The unsafety and crimes related to drug trafficking are major current concerns in Uruguay and in other countries in the region

The proposal was made at a meeting of security ministers of the bloc, and mainly with the objective of combating emerging threats from organized crime such as, for example, the expansion of the Aragua Train, in Venezuela, by Latin America; as well as terrorism and fentanyl crisis that expands from USA towards the south of the continent, and which is already found in countries like Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

During the meeting, Martinelli recognized the effort, the multidisciplinary work carried out so far and the achievements obtained and expressed the conviction of taking actions to stop crime, violence, drug gangs and events that threaten society. But he expressed concern about the increase in violence in “a society that cries out for us to take charge of every second, every minute and every hour in which many lives of our fellow citizens are claimed.” “There is no time to waste,” she emphasized.

In that sense, the Minister of the Interior highlighted the need for everyone’s commitment to work on issues of public security with “conviction”, “firmness” and “courage” to contain the advance of organized crime and “go to the ultimate consequences with those who break the law”.

“We are going to fight tirelessly to work on all these issues and bring peace and tranquility to each of our towns,” he concluded.

Avoiding fentanyl, a priority in the pro tempore presidency of Uruguay

Previously, Martinelli warned that his agenda security will put the axis on the possible arrival of the fentanyl to the region, during the Uruguayan presidency of Mercosur, which will begin next month.

As part of its strategy to combat drug trafficking, The Minister of the Interior anticipated that other focuses will be the fight against terrorism and the advance of the criminal group of Venezuela, Aragua Train. “These are issues of concern and we have to be prepared to face them,” he stated during a press conference at the end of the 51st Meeting of Ministers of the Interior and Security of Mercosur and Associated States, held in Assumption.

For Martinelli, in the region “little is said” about the advance of fentanyl, a drug that is more powerful than heroin and the morphine. “In those towns where it has arrived, it has been voracious in its ability to destroy,” he warned.

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