Step by step: how to clean fungus from the shower curtain

Step by step: how to clean fungus from the shower curtain

Leave your bathroom free of mold and bacteria by following these effective and natural methods that ensure a healthy and clean environment in your home.

The home clean It is essential to protect against the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, especially in areas such as the bathroom, which require special attention due to their constant exposure to moisture to maintain a healthy space. The plastic shower or bathtub curtainin particular, tends to accumulate mold and bacteria due to its constant contact with water and humidity. This problem Not only does it affect the aesthetic appearance of the space, but it can also harm the health of those who use it.

Fortunately, there are several effective home methods to eliminate mold by keeping the curtain clean and disinfected and thus generate a healthier environment in the home. These simple, inexpensive methods can help combat mold and bacteria, ensuring a clean, fresh bathroom for the entire family.

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How to clean the plastic shower curtain

Various methods can be followed to clean the shower curtain and remove mold effectively. According to one of the methods, for regular cleaning it is recommended to use hot water and soap, which helps prevent dirt buildup if done regularly. A solution of water and bleach It can also be effective for stubborn stains. It’s recommended Soak the curtain in this solution for about 10 minutesthen rinse and let dry to remove stains and disinfect.

He sodium bicarbonate, a strong abrasive, is used to remove tough stains. It should be applied directly to the areas affected by the mildew, add water and scrub with a brush for optimal results. Another trick is to dip the curtain in a mixture of vinegar and water, leave it in soak for about 20 minutes, then rinse well and let air dry. Vinegar is excellent for disinfect and clean of natural form.

And finally, you can use lemon, cutting slices for rub on moldy areas and letting them act for at least one hour. Afterwards, it should be rinsed and allowed to dry. Lemon is an effective organic solution against mold.

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