Carlos Alcaraz made history and won the Roland Garros tournament for the first time

Carlos Alcaraz made history and won the Roland Garros tournament for the first time

The Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz (3rd) he turned the game around for the German Alexander Zverev (4th)won in five sets by 6-3, 2-6, 5-7, 6-1 and 6-2 and took the title Roland Garros for the first time in his career.

The first set was practically a monologue of Alcarazwho won 6-3 after demonstrating great dominance against a Zverev who was very expectant of what his rival was doing and without taking the initiative.

From the second quarter onwards a great change could be noticed in Zverevwho began to apply pressure by frequently going up to the net and gave a lot of top spin and height to his shots, which ended up exasperating Alcaraz, who made many unforced errors.


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It was in this way that the German equalized things by signing a resounding 6-2. The third set seemed like it was going to be in the hands of Alcarazwhich reached 5-2, but the unforced errors returned, Zverev He was firm in the important moments and ended up winning 7-5.

But in the fourth the great ghost appeared for the players of the generation Zverev: irregularity at key moments.

Carlos Alcaraz defeated Zverev and was crowned champion for the first time at Roland Garros

He averaged only 59% of first serves, committed 12 unforced errors (between the second and third he had only accumulated 9), he could not maintain any of his service turns and Alcaraz took advantage to win 6-1 and force a decisive set.

The fifth set continued with the same tone as the previous one, with Alcaraz showing their best weapons when the potatoes were burning and Zverev committing countless unforced errors.

This is how the Spaniard got two breaks, survived his rival’s attacks and won after more than 4 hours of play.

This meant the third Grand Slam title for Alcaraz (after the 2022 US Open and 2023 Wimbledon), which starting tomorrow will appear in second position in the ranking, only below the Italian Jannik Sinnerwhich will also open a new location.

Zverevfor its part, is still unable to lift a title of grand slam despite having been one of the main entertainers of the circuit for years.

This is the second defeat in a final of this category, since the previous one was in the US Open 2020, when he blew an incredible 2-0 set lead against the Austrian Dominic Thiem.

Despite the tough defeat he suffered this Sunday, Zverev He establishes himself as one of the best players of the season and could be in the fight for number 1 in the coming months.

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