Lars Burmeister: How did he experience the era of supermodels?

Lars Burmeister: How did he experience the era of supermodels?

He was the face of brands such as Hugo Boss and Armani: Hamburg-born Lars Burmeister became one of the world’s most sought-after male models in the 2000s: Here he looks back on this time.

You used to model for labels like Armani, Versace and Boss. Do you often have to give your friends fashion tips?
No, I’ve never really done that because I’m not the most fashionable person myself. Of course I have one or two accessories, but I like to keep things practical and casual in everyday life. Accordingly, I’m not the right person to ask for styling advice.

It is often said that models were discovered on the street. How was that for you?
While I was partying on the Reeperbahn, the bouncer at a club approached me. He said I had potential as a model and gave me a photographer’s business card. I had just finished school and was passing the time by driving for a car dealership. After I sent the pictures to a modeling agency, I was immediately invited to a shoot and was then supposed to fly to Milan for Fashion Week. There, I was booked by five labels straight away and was even allowed to open the show for Roberto Cavalli.

Armani Acqua di Gio advertisement with Lars Burmeister

To person

Burmeister was born in 1984 in Sonneberg, Thuringia. When he was three months old, his parents moved with him to Hamburg. In 2004, he was discovered as a model. He appeared in advertising campaigns for Hugo Boss and Armani (not shown in 2007), walked the catwalk for all the major labels, worked with photographers such as Peter Lindbergh.Since 2015, he has acquired several licenses as a personal trainer, including in physiofitness and performance diagnostics. He runs the “Burmeister Personal Fitness Club” in Hamburg and is single.

What did you score points with?
I had a classic look and looked a little older. That went down well. Hugo Boss hired me and Julia Stegner as their new advertising faces. After that, things really took off: I was booked all over the world, walked the catwalk for Valentino, then had a cover shoot for “Vogue” or “GQ”. I worked non-stop for six years.

Still sounds like easy money. Have you ever had to fight for a job?
Sure. When Armani was looking for a new advertising face for its men’s fragrance Acqua Di Giò, there were about 50 people from around the world who were considered. Everyone wanted the job, because perfume contracts are extremely lucrative. To get the best out of my body, I worked out with a personal trainer and paid strict attention to my diet. At a shoot in New York, I happened to meet the head of the advertising agency. He patted me on the shoulder and congratulated me: “You got the job!” I will never forget that moment, it was an incredible feeling. I immediately called my mother at home in Hamburg, because she was always my biggest supporter.

Linda Evangelista has a quote from the era of supermodels: “For less than $10,000 a day, we don’t even get out of bed.” How was that for you?
Male models always earn less than women. But nobody complains about that, it’s just the way it is. I was very lucky and was paid a fortune.

What luxuries did you allow yourself?
Real estate. When I first started modeling, I was advised to invest in property. That’s what I did, and at 21 I had my first condo in Hamburg, and two years later I bought a second one. At 27 I then bought an apartment building.

Today you are a personal trainer.
From 2015 onwards I noticed that the gaps between jobs were slowly getting longer and I thought about how I could bridge the waiting time. Since I really enjoy sport myself, it made sense to work as a personal trainer. I now have a small, exclusive studio. I specialise in strength and athletic training and give individual training sessions and courses. That’s exactly my thing.

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