Uruguay hopes that a flag airline can be created with private companies

Uruguay hopes that a flag airline can be created with private companies

Last week an agreement was signed between Argentina and Uruguay that would open more doors to connectivity between both countries.

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After the open skies agreement with Argentina, he Ministry of Transportation and Public Works highlighted that the greatest aerial possibilities of the Uruguay It will allow to improve connectivity and, on the other hand, he announced that there are several companies interested in a flag airline of the country.

The Undersecretary of Transportation and Public Works, Juan José Olaizolastressed that the treaty between both countries allows all airlines to fly freely between the airports of Argentina and Uruguay, a change that the leader called “substantial.”

Among the benefits, the improvement in connectivity stood out, through the greater offer of services and frequencies by the airlines that operate between both countries. “A quite auspicious panorama is opening up,” said Olaizola, who recalled that Uruguay has open sky treaties with Chili and Paraguay.

Is the flag airline coming?

The leader highlighted that there are always companies interested in being the country’s flag airlines. “Periodically, airlines that have services in the region consult to be able to have a flag airline in the region. Uruguay. So far, none have passed the consultation stage,” he explained.

On the other hand, he commented that there has been an investment group that showed interest in opening a new airline that has the flag of the Uruguay. Based on consultations and agreement with Argentina, The leader considered that it makes this possibility much more attractive.

“We hope that in the not too distant future we can have a new flag airline in Uruguay. We believe that it should be a private investment and without State participation,” said Olaizola.

There is much left to recover

Despite the progress, the undersecretary regretted that there is still much to recover from the pandemic. “Last year, a 20% recovery was achieved. In any case, we are still 200,000 passengers below what we had in 2019,” he explained.

In that sense, although he highlighted that they are increasing, Olaizola stressed that the number of passengers from the pre-pandemic year has not yet been recovered.

Regarding the agreement, and in relation to this objective, the leader highlighted that once Uruguay has all the airports in the interior reconditioned, it will be a better panorama to recover more passengers.

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