Reality star Steff Jerkel: Re-engaged with his Peggy

Reality star Steff Jerkel: Re-engaged with his Peggy

Surprise engagement for Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke. After their separation, they now want to get married.

The couple Steff Jerkel (54) and Peggy Jerofke (48), known from various TV shows, have become engaged – for the second time. The two have been together for more than 20 years and have a six-year-old daughter. However, the two Mallorca emigrants separated in 2022. It was not until April 2024 that they announced that they had found each other again.

Engagement in the new bar

On June 10, the Hamburg native made his decision again: At the opening of his new restaurant “Sharky’s Bar” in Cala Ratjada, he got down on one knee in front of his sweetheart. “I said yes,” the bride-to-be happily announced a day later. She published two photos. One shows the moment of the engagement, when Steff Jerkel held out the ring box to her. The second photo shows a jubilant Jerofke with an oversized engagement ring balloon over her arm. Celebrity friend Danni Büchner (46) sent a digital congratulations, Mola Adebisi (51) commented with the words “That was long overdue.”

The show that made the couple famous also shared the love message. It says: “Great news from Peggy and Steff! After many years of being together and having a daughter together, they separated in 2022. But a few months ago they found each other again. Now Steff has asked Peggy what is probably the most important question: ‘Will you marry me?’ And of course she said YES!” There is also a short video of the engagement. The VOX camera team was also there, so the scenes will probably be shown on TV soon.

First engagement on her 39th birthday

The couple had already been engaged once, Peggy Jerofke revealed recently: “We got engaged on my 39th birthday on a skiing holiday.” At the time, he asked her in the hotel room. However, the engagement was not a good one. “Lost the engagement ring twice, found it again once, unfortunately not the second time.” The couple didn’t have time for a wedding either, as they opened one restaurant after another in Mallorca. Steff Jerkel was probably planning a second proposal before the separation in 2022, as she also revealed to the “Mallorca Zeitung”.

But then the love affair ended after more than 24 years together. At the end of 2022, they announced that they had grown apart. But thanks to their daughter Josephine, they continued to spend a lot of time together and also went on family vacations. In the VOX program “Volle Kraft voran – Die Kreuzfahrt-Doku” it was then announced that the two restaurateurs were a couple again. It remains to be seen whether they will finally get married after their renewed engagement.

Known through emigration documentary

Since 2014, they have been accompanied by the VOX show “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”. Since then, they have also appeared in several other formats. In 2021, they took part in the RTL show “Sommerhaus der Stars”. In 2023, Peggy Jerofke competed in “Kampf der Realitystars” on RTLzwei. In December 2023, Steff Jerkel won the second season of “Das große Promi-Büßen” on ProSieben.

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