That’s why he admires Taylor Swift: Steve Carell admires Taylor Swift

That’s why he admires Taylor Swift: Steve Carell admires Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is currently the hottest singer on the planet. Actor Steve Carell met her a long time ago.

During an appearance on the show, actor Steve Carell (61) revealed that he admires Taylor Swift (34). Presenter Jimmy Fallon (49) had read somewhere that the comedy star was a fan of the musician, a Swiftie. Carell then surprised everyone with a previously unknown story of how they met.

“Very sweet, very nice”

“I met Taylor Swift briefly,” the mime begins, reminding the talk show host and the audience of the former US show “TRL”. “Early in my career and also in hers. I was much older, of course, but we were both on ‘TRL’ at the same time.” He met her rather casually and even then thought that she seemed special and very talented: “Very sweet, very nice.”

Many years later, when she was a superstar, Steve Carell found a video of her on the Internet. He praised Swift’s selfless and compassionate nature when describing a recorded charitable performance of hers in front of a child in a hospital. He was also nice, “but not on a Taylor Swift level.” His politeness was “just for show, come on. Hollywood stuff. That gets you further. Just wait until the cameras go off,” joked the family man.

Carell became famous, among other things, with the US version of the comedy series “The Office”. He is married to the US actress Nancy Carell (57). The couple has a daughter and a son. In the new animated film “Despicable Me 4” (cinema release on July 11th), the 61-year-old once again voices the lead role Gru.

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