Woman killed in Vienna-Floridsdorf, suspect died during police operation

Woman killed in Vienna-Floridsdorf, suspect died during police operation
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A man was shot dead on Tuesday evening in Vienna’s Floridsdorf district after attacking police officers with an axe while attempting to arrest him. A 22-year-old Chilean woman was previously found dead in a nearby apartment with serious head injuries. According to police spokesman Markus Dittrich, there had been a loud argument between the two people before the attack.

Police officers attacked with axe

Neighbors probably alerted the police, who, as is usual in such situations, responded to the reported dispute with just one radio car. “The reason for the operation seemed completely harmless at first,” said Dittrich. However, when the officers arrived, the man was said to have already been running around Ferchenbauergasse with his upper body bare and an axe in his hand. He then tried to attack the police with it. “It quickly developed into a dangerous situation,” said Dittrich.

Shots were fired during the official action. The man died. The police officers’ immediate resuscitation efforts were ineffective. One officer was slightly injured in a fall during the incident, according to the Vienna rescue service.

Large area closed

Due to the current situation, the police have cordoned off a large area around the intersection of Schwaigergasse and Frömmlgasse. A tent has been set up as a privacy screen.

However, there is no active threat to the population. Further details about the background to the crime were not initially known. Police and rescue services were on site with a large contingent of emergency personnel.

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Service: In Austria, women who experience violence can find help and information from the Women’s Helpline on: 0800-222-555, www.frauenhelpline.at; from the Association of Autonomous Austrian Women’s Shelters (AÖF) on www.aoef.at; from the Vienna Intervention Centre against Domestic Violence/Vienna Violence Protection Centre: www.interventionsstelle-wien.at and from the 24-hour women’s emergency number of the City of Vienna: 01-71719 as well as from the women’s shelter emergency number on 057722 and the Austrian Violence Protection Centres: 0800/700-217; police emergency number: 133

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