US film star Goldie Hawn: Since two break-ins, “never without” security

US film star Goldie Hawn: Since two break-ins, “never without” security
US film star Goldie Hawn: Since two break-ins, “never without” security

Actress Goldie Hawn has taken drastic measures after two break-ins. She wants to “never be without” a security guard.

Since two break-ins in 2020, US actress Goldie Hawn (78) no longer feels safe in her house in Los Angeles. Before the shocking successive events, she said. Since then, she has “never been without” a security guard, as the 78-year-old revealed.

The first break-in

Goldie Hawn, who lives in the property with her partner, film star Kurt Russell (73), reported that “sophisticated” thieves ransacked her LA home while the couple were out for dinner. “We were robbed once. We went out, had dinner together and were gone for maybe two hours and 20 minutes or so,” she recalled.

When they returned home, Hawn was about to go to bed and discovered that they had been robbed. “I went upstairs and went to my dressing room and I just freaked out,” she told Ripa. The burglars broke into the bedroom from the balcony. They also completely broke down their security door and “took a lot of my stuff.”

The second break-in

Just four months later, the house was broken into a second time when the actress was home alone with the pets. Goldie Hawn recalled hearing a “thud,” but didn’t realize until the next day that the sound was from an attempted break-in. “I was alone in the house. The dog and I heard this dull sound upstairs, and I was alone. Kurt wasn’t there and I thought, ‘What the hell was that?'” she recalled. She thought it was a “sonic boom.”

The next day they discovered “that the burglars had tried to get into my bedroom while I was in the house,” she sums up the gruesome situation. She was completely shocked and “couldn’t believe” that her house had been targeted again.

Since then, she has hired 24/7 security to ensure that she and her family are safe. “I’m never without a guard… especially when I’m alone,” she told Ripa. Since then, she has felt “good.”

Farewell to Los Angeles

Additionally, Hawn and Russell now live 131 miles (about 211 km) outside of Los Angeles in Palm Desert, California. On the podcast, she gushed that they finally feel “safe” there after years of dealing with “terrible” Los Angeles. They previously lived in Pacific Palisades and Malibu in Los Angeles. The couple also has homes in Colorado and New York City.

The two Hollywood stars have been together since 1983. Together they have a son, Wyatt Russell (37), and Goldie Hawn also brought Kate Hudson (45) and Oliver Hudson (47) into the relationship.

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