Jorge Lanata was admitted to the Italian Hospital: the reasons

Jorge Lanata was admitted to the Italian Hospital: the reasons
Jorge Lanata was admitted to the Italian Hospital: the reasons

Journalist Jorge Lanata is admitted to the Italian Hospital of the city of Buenos Aires, after suffer a health problem this Friday. He is a risk patient and comes from a hospitalization in April, where he had respiratory difficulty; in addition to the month he spent hospitalized in the same clinic last year, following a bacterial urinary tract infection.

His wife, Elba Marcovecchioassured that Lanata is fine, with the hope that he will be discharged on Saturday, according to the statements he gave to the media. Teleshow.

”This morning he went for an MRI at the Italiano. They had to give him anesthesia. The MRI took longer than expected due to a small scare they had, but everything is in order.”reported journalist Marcela Tauro. And furthermore, she added: “Today he took the day to have this MRI, he was not on the radio. I understand that it was scheduled, but it had a small change in the middle and the operation took longer than expected”, in the program Intruders.

Jorge Lanata’s health problems

The journalist comes from a long time fighting various health issues, among them the month he spent hospitalized in the same clinic that was found on Friday, where he suffered a bacterial urinary infection. After overcoming it, he took it upon himself to recount the days he lived there.

”I am 63 years old, minus one month. I missed a month. I was in intensive care for a month, intubated twice and, really, what happens during that month is impressive, I don’t remember anything.. Or rather, I remember dreams. Back in the day, those dreams meant a month, but I don’t really know. It could have been minutes or days, my body was here, my head was not. It’s a month that I will never get back,’ she detailed.

”I realized later that I could not have returned. I don’t know why I came back. Today there could be a tribute film or program here and bye. It is true that the world rotates without us. And then, how to live?’ She had asked herself.

And he ended with a reflection: ”You know what, I don’t know. Imagine that everything is over now, now. Try to live without regretting what you didn’t do, what you couldn’t, what you left behind. We think so, but there is no time. At any moment, a life can steal a month or more from you.”

The video that worried everyone about Jorge Lanata’s health

At the beginning of the year, a video appeared of Jorge Lanata which worried everyone and was commented on by network users. On both Twitter and TikTok, a clip of the journalist in the middle of a radio program in which he seems to struggle to stay awake, warned about his state of health. But then, himself Lanata clarified the situation in an interview given to LAM (America), where he took care to dismiss speculation about his present and suggesting that the material distributed could have been maliciously edited.

“Everyone says ‘take care of Lanata, what’s wrong with Lanata’, tell me,” said Ángel de Brito about the voices that were raised when those images went viral, to which without hesitation, Jorge indicated: “I love it because the video appeared on all K media together. The K media wanted me to die until today and now they worry about me, the guys are divine.”

Regarding the truth of the images, he remarked: “I think it is edited. I don’t remember such a long period of being asleep on the show.. That I have been listening with my eyes closed, probably, but that is not being asleep.. For a matter of time, I can’t be asleep, I have to be talking, otherwise it jumps.”

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