Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Monday, June 17, according to surveys

Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Monday, June 17, according to surveys
Big Brother 2024: who will be eliminated on Monday, June 17, according to surveys

Find out who would leave the most famous house in the country according to surveys on social networks.

There’s less left for him Big Brother grand finale, the reality star of Telefe. After a spicy nomination gala that featured the 6 participants and their loved ones who entered the house, the program is preparing for an explosive elimination gala that will change days.

After the “little brothers” and their families voted, the final plaque was made up of Juliana “Furia” Scaglione (due to suspension), Martín Ku, Emmanuel Vich and Nicolás Groisman. Outside the plate were Darío Martínez Corti (immune for being the leader of the week) and Bautista Mascia. Despite that, Darío was forced to remove someone from the possible eliminations and add Bautista, as he was the only available participant. For this reason, Martínez Corti saved Nicolás, leaving the feared place for the Uruguayan.

After Santiago del Moro had given the news to the participants, Furia turned on the plaque shouting “Martín to 9009.” “El Chino” was not far behind and responded to the cameras: “Juliana to 9009, the masks are falling.”

However, there is one of the four participants who would have all the tickets to leave the house this long weekend. According to survey conducted by Federico Bongiorno, journalist who follows the reality show minute by minute from his X account, the public would have already made a strong decision.

Big Brother 2024: this participant will be the one eliminated according to the surveys

According to the traditional survey carried out week by week by “Fefe”, Juliana “Furia” Scaglione would be the next eliminated from Big Brother 2024. However, the participant is one of the favorites to win the contest and it would not be a surprise if she stayed home.

Apparently, the results of the survey anticipate a possible head-to-head between Juliana and Martín in the next elimination gala, which underwent an important change.


Big Brother 2024: the elimination gala changes days

Being a special week due to the entry of family members, especially since this weekend is long since it commemorates the Passage to Immortality of General Miguel de Güemes, the production of the reality show decided to extend the voting time for this plaque.

In this way, the expected elimination gala will not take place on Sunday, as has been customary since the beginning of the reality show, and will take place on Monday the 17th.

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