Angela Bofill: US R&B singer has died

Angela Bofill: US R&B singer has died
Angela Bofill: US R&B singer has died

Mourning for Angela Bofill: The US R&B singer has died at the age of 70.

She was known for her songs such as “I Try” and “Angel of the Night”. Now the US R&B singer Angela Bofill (1954-2024) is dead. The musician died on June 13th at the age of 70, as her friend and manager Rich Engel confirmed on her Facebook account. “On behalf of my dear friend Angie, I am sad to announce that she passed away on the morning of June 13th,”

He also points out that the funeral will take place on June 28th at St. Dominic’s Church in Vallejo, California. The singer died there in the house of her daughter Shauna, as the manager

Her first album “Angie” was released in 1978

Angela Tomasa Bofill was born in 1954 in the Bronx district of New York. Her father was Cuban and her mother Puerto Rican. Bofill studied at the Manhattan School of Music and then sang in a New York theater. Through lucky contacts, two producers released her first album “Angie” in 1978 with the hit “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter,” which finally got her musical career rolling.

She sang for Diana Ross

She released her biggest hit, “Too Tough,” in 1983, along with the album of the same name. The song reached number five in the R&B charts and number two in the dance charts. In the same year, she was also nominated for the American Music Awards. Her single “I Just Wanna Stop” also made it into the charts in 1988. In 1995, Angela Bofill also worked as a background singer for Diana Ross (80) and her album “Take Me Higher.”

After that, things went quiet for the R&B artist. In 2006, she ended her career due to a stroke that left her with left-sided paralysis and problems with her speech center. Another stroke followed in 2007. The singer leaves behind her husband Chris Portuguese and her daughter Shauna Bofill.

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