How artificial intelligence is changing office work

How artificial intelligence is changing office work
How artificial intelligence is changing office work

Christoph Becker is the organizer of the Tech Conference in Vienna.

“Artificial intelligence is becoming essential for one’s career,” says Christoph Becker. He is the managing director of the IT training company ETC, which also operates a location in Attnang-Puchheim. “Experience in dealing with artificial intelligence on your CV is an advantage,” says Becker. He is convinced that artificial intelligence (AI) will change the way people work in the office.

If used correctly, around two hours per week can be saved, as Becker reports from his own experience. He himself uses the Microsoft assistant Copilot: The program summarizes texts in a matter of seconds, translates them, or finds documents that were worked on weeks ago. “We are definitely becoming more productive,” says Becker. The prerequisites are the link with internal company data and the right know-how.

Further education is changing

The continuing education company ETC, which he runs, has around 25,000 course participants each year. Technological change has changed the industry: two decades ago it was all about understanding the hardware and later about using programs like Excel, but today the focus is on general skills – such as data analysis.

The topics of AI and (cyber) security are currently very popular.
On the other hand, seminars for programmers have collapsed, says Becker. AI can also take on this task. Instead, however, specialists are needed to check the results.

  • The TechConference IT specialists provide information on the topic of AI.

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