Prince Louis’ facial acrobatics and the cutest moments of the Wales kids

Prince Louis’ facial acrobatics and the cutest moments of the Wales kids
Prince Louis’ facial acrobatics and the cutest moments of the Wales kids

They are the secret stars of the British royal court: the three children of Prince William and Princess Kate. At official events such as yesterday’s birthday parade in honor of King Charles III, “Trooping the Colour”, they are eagerly awaited by waiting fans and photographers.

At the past events, there have been plenty of funny snapshots of the youngest, Prince Louis. The six-year-old has already entertained audiences with debates with his mother, including sticking out his tongue in 2022 at the “Platinum Jubilee” in honor of the now deceased Queen, or trying to blow out his sister’s candle at the Christmas service in 2023.

Prince Louis is the “kamikaze” child of the family of Wales

The little man, whom his mother Kate once called her “kamikaze” child in an interview during her visit to Twickenham Stadium in 2022, also briefly lost his face at the 2024 Trooping the Colour parade. Overall, however, the six-year-old pulled himself together very well by his standards.

Only once did the big sister reprimand him on the balcony. At several events it has been noticed that Princess Charlotte, who is only nine years old herself, always keeps an eye on her little brother and gives him the odd instruction when mom Kate and dad William are focused elsewhere. The scene on the balcony looked as if she was asking Louis to take his hands out of his pockets.

It was also striking how lovingly Princess Kate and Prince William explained the air show to their children on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, despite their official appearance, and how they kept bending down. Kate once brushed Charlotte’s hair back, who took her royal duties very seriously from the start and was said to have been very excited during the parade. The pictures of the nine-year-old also reflect an open face and a genuine interest in the event and the people waiting.

Prince George, on the other hand, reminds us of his father. Always confident, at just under eleven years old and with little to read from his face, he always carries out appearances of this kind professionally. At some point he himself will be the centre of attention at Trooping the Colour as King, until then his little brother will be practising facial acrobatics.

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