Hartmut Engler: Osteoarthritis in his knees is bothering him

Hartmut Engler: Osteoarthritis in his knees is bothering him
Hartmut Engler: Osteoarthritis in his knees is bothering him

Hartmut Engler is battling osteoarthritis, a joint disease. He still wants to rock the stage at Pur’s open-air tour.

The band Pur’s open-air tour starts in Emmendingen on June 22nd. Frontman Hartmut Engler (62) has been suffering from health problems for some time, as he said in an interview. However, the 28 summer concerts planned until September 7th are not in danger.

“The pain sometimes accompanied me through the whole night”

The singer explained that he suffers from osteoarthritis in both knees. Osteoarthritis means progressive joint wear. “I’ve had the diagnosis for a long time and have just had a terrible year in terms of health. Combined with severe pain, knee surgery with a stay in hospital and many restrictions. Walking became torture for me at times, especially climbing stairs.”

He had already had to use bandages, tapes and even orthoses during the “Persönlich” tour in 2023, which included twelve concerts. “Nothing hurt on stage because the applause and adrenaline made me euphoric.” But after the concerts he “often cried with joy and pain.” He could only collapse into bed. “The pain sometimes accompanied me through the whole night.”

The musician used to be very athletic and was actually constantly on the move. “Until I was in my mid-50s, I ran ten kilometers five times a week. On top of that, I went to over 1,000 concerts that involved a lot of exercise.” Engler says: “Now it’s clear that that was perhaps a bit too much of a good thing.”

Surgery and rehabilitation

Two months after the 2023 tour, the singer underwent surgery and had a metal plate placed under his left kneecap. After that, he had to undergo a long period of rehabilitation. “Unfortunately, I also tore a muscle fiber in my left leg, which slowed down the healing process.” Unfortunately, the knee was “still unstable” and he also had severe pain in his right knee. A ray of hope in these difficult times: his partner, to whom he has been engaged since 2010. “Luckily, my Katrin was always by my side and helped me in all situations.”

The upcoming open-air tour is set to go ahead as planned despite Engler’s knee problems. “Pur fans don’t need to worry, because we’re going to rock together this summer,” Hartmut Engler told Bild. “Luckily, I don’t sing with my knees. The doctor said that if I move on stage, it can also be therapy.”

Rehearsals for open-air tour with Hartmut Engler

He also did not miss the first rehearsal in his hometown of Bietigheim-Bissingen – unlike usual: “First day of rehearsals for the 2024 open-air tour,” the band announced with a group photo on Sunday. “Actually, the first day of rehearsals is always planned in a ‘small’ group, i.e. the band without Hartmut, to check the songs and arrangements in detail. But Hartmut insists on coming by for a short while to soak up the atmosphere and continue to prepare for the production rehearsals with the big band and our crew.” Pur continued: “We are so looking forward to seeing you!!!”

The open-air tour was announced last summer. Among other things, the musicians will be performing at the Waldbühne in Berlin for the first time in more than 20 years. The concert series is under the motto “Personal – Under the Open Sky”. In addition to the songs from the current album “Personal”, the band will also present the big hits from 40 years of history, such as “Lena”, “Funkelperlenaugen” and “Abenteuerland”.

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