The government accelerates controls amid controversy over the fight against drug trafficking

The government accelerates controls amid controversy over the fight against drug trafficking
The government accelerates controls amid controversy over the fight against drug trafficking

In the midst of the controversy over drug trafficking and the unsafety, two issues that crossed the campaign in recent weeks, the government announced the arrival of two scanners purchased last year to Port of Montevideowhile the prison authorities of Maldonado They carried out a transfer of inmates from prison The roses to another prison after the historic search.

After the operation carried out on Thursday in the Las Rosas penitentiary center, located about 20 kilometers north of Punta del Esteand one of the main prisons in Uruguay, where they seized sharp objects, drugs, alcohol and cell phones. The prison authorities will carry out a transfer of prisoners.

From the prison they will transfer inmates to another prison, at the same time they decided to place a scanner that will allow them to do a complete check of the items that people carry with them. According to the director of the National Rehabilitation Institute (INR), Luis Mendoza, Underlined, this is a “state-of-the-art” body scanner, which works like airport scanners, which will allow them to x-ray all people.

The scanners arrive at the Port of Montevideo

It was in September of last year that the National Director of Customs, Jorge Borgianiannounced the purchase of two scanners for the Port of Montevideo that will be capable of controlling 80% of the cargo that passes through there.

Finally this Tuesday the devices will arrive at the port headquarters, as confirmed by the director of Customs to El País. Although in September of last year He assured that they would not be operating all the time, but that shipments would be chosen. “We cannot scan just to scan if there are other elements that do not complete this control procedure,” he assured the press at that time.

The competition was won by the company United States, S2 Global, who invested 42 million dollars. Borgiani explained that the investment of this amount corresponds throughout the 10 years of the award and that it includes, in addition to the scanners with renewal periods as necessary and can be carried out, as well as operation and maintenance of equipmenta software of image interpretation and training to customs officials. On the other hand, once the period ended, it would be left to the Uruguayan government.

Drug trafficking is a central issue in the campaign

He tough security talk He has been the favorite of some pre-candidates already recognized for his conservative and even reactionary tone on some issues. Just as the proposal to militarize the streets was put on the table, the senator and internal competitor of the National Party, Jorge Gandini, launched as one of its proposals the creation of a Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) “anti-drug”, “whoever wins”, as a multiparty agreement.

According to the white candidate, the measures would seek a new management of deprivation of liberty: “shield the borders, air and maritime space; establish a Republican Guard reinforced with the military; give legal support to the military who act in support functions; legal changes to accelerate the closure of drug mouths; anti-narco repression in disputed areas ; changes to the money laundering law”, are listed among other measures. “A political agreement must be made to give support to an administration that is going to have to repress organized crime,” he argued.

When consulted about this, the leader and sole pre-candidate of Open Town Hall, Guido Manini Ríosexpressed his agreement with “any area of ​​dialogue in which we all agree on a State policy on the subject.”

Furthermore, he recalled that he has also proposed multi-party agreements in this and other areas: “In September 2022 we toured the headquarters of all the political parties and proposed something similar: convene around a table and decide on security once and for all, and on other essential topics such as drugs, debt, national work. These issues require the political system to rise to the occasion; we cannot waste time and discuss a chat about what a candidate did or did not do. We believe that showboating politics like this is diminishing the debate. It is very important that we all accept the historic moment that Uruguay is experiencing,” he said.

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