Jorge Lanata’s health is worrying: “He has been intubated and sedated since Saturday”

Jorge Lanata’s health is worrying: “He has been intubated and sedated since Saturday”
Jorge Lanata’s health is worrying: “He has been intubated and sedated since Saturday”

As revealed by journalist Yanina Latorre in Los Ángeles de la Mañana, Lanata he would have suffered complications in the middle of his hospitalization. “I’m going to be careful with my words. Also, I’m not a doctor and there is no official report. On Saturday he had a very bad respiratory episode, really very bad. They intubated him and from Saturday to today he is sedated and intubated. Only one time they tried to lower the sedation, to start extubating and they couldn’t,” he said.

And, regarding the information that arises from the journalist’s entourage, he added: “Every day they say, ‘Tomorrow we’ll see how he is.'”

How Jorge Lanata’s hospitalization continues

Latorre explained that, initially, Lanata planned to be discharged and participate in the Martín Fierro awards. “I said last week, on Friday night, that Jorge had had a short strike, from which he came out quickly and that he was having a stable day and that if that was the case, on Saturday they were going to let him go home so he could participate with the Martín Fierro who were going to see how the situation was,” said the panelist.

As he stated, “His condition is worrying, obviously. Today he is still intubated. Tomorrow will be more than seven days of this episode. There is a lot of concern and that is why there is so much silence. Many people are also asking me. Since he is a journalist, I understand that he has told about others, it seems to me that it is honest to tell how he is.”


Jorge Lanata at his wedding.

Jorge Lanata’s hospitalization and his health problems

The journalist comes from a long time fighting various health issues, among them the month he spent hospitalized in the same clinic that was found on Friday, where he suffered a bacterial urinary infection. After overcoming it, he took it upon himself to recount the days he lived there.

”I am 63 years old, minus one month. I missed a month. I was in intensive care for a month, intubated twice and, really, what happens during that month is impressive, I don’t remember anything.. Or rather, I remember dreams. Back in the day, those dreams meant a month, but I don’t really know. It could have been minutes or days, my body was here, my head was not. It’s a month that I will never get back,’ she detailed.

”I realized later that I could not have returned. I don’t know why I came back. Today there could be a tribute film or program here and bye. It is true that the world rotates without us. And then, how to live?’ She had asked herself.

And he ended with a reflection: ”You know what, I don’t know. Imagine that everything is over now, now. Try to live without regretting what you didn’t do, what you couldn’t, what you left behind. We think so, but there is no time. At any moment, a life can steal a month or more from you.”

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