Extremism: Police confirm right-wing radicals’ celebration in Eschede

Extremism: Police confirm right-wing radicals’ celebration in Eschede
Extremism: Police confirm right-wing radicals’ celebration in Eschede

Suspected right-wing radicals met for a celebration in Eschede – and it was not the first time.

After a party by suspected right-wing extremists on a farm in Eschede in the Celle district, the police are investigating whether any criminal offenses occurred. According to the information available so far, around 50 participants were on site, a police spokeswoman said.

“It went on until late Saturday evening,” she said of last weekend’s event. She pointed out that it was an event on private property. “Different regulations apply there,” she said.

People with black, red and gold balaclavas?

According to a report in the daily newspaper “taz”, neo-Nazis from all over Germany met last weekend for a solstice celebration. According to the report, the meeting was organized by the Young Nationalists, the party youth organization of the former NPD, which is now called Die Heimat.

The newspaper published photos showing some men and women wearing black, red and gold balaclavas. They are standing around a fire with torches. According to the report, there were rituals and symbols that date back to the Nazi era. The background and authenticity of the photos could not initially be verified.

Hof has been a meeting place for right-wing radicals for many years

Right-wing extremists have been gathering on the farm near Eschede for many years, for example at so-called solstice celebrations or harvest celebrations. The farm belongs to the Die Heimat party. The police regularly patrol the area to get an idea of ​​what is going on, said a police spokeswoman.

Demonstrations against right-wing extremism

Various organizations regularly call for protests against the events on the farm. “We will not accept the right-wing extremist activities here in Eschede,” Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) said at a demonstration in October 2023.

Margot Käßmann as speaker in Eschede

The Südheide network against right-wing extremism called for a rally this afternoon. The former regional bishop and EKD council chairwoman Margot Käßmann was announced as the speaker. The police expected around 200 participants.

People from many different areas, such as politics, trade unions, churches and other organizations, are taking part in the demonstrations against right-wing extremism. “It is a clear sign that the vast majority of our society unequivocally rejects right-wing extremist ideas,” it said.

Originally, the right-wing extremists’ meeting on the farm was expected to take place this weekend – which is why the alliance had planned the demonstration.

Source: Stern

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