Jürgen Vogel: How the subject of death accompanies him

Jürgen Vogel: How the subject of death accompanies him
Jürgen Vogel: How the subject of death accompanies him

Actor Jürgen Vogel has spoken openly about how much his family is affected by cancer.

The laughter of actor Jürgen Vogel (56) is unmistakable with his large gaps between his teeth. But he struck a serious tone and spoke about serious personal blows of fate. His life was “paved with illness and death”.

He donated bone marrow to his sister

He knows people “who fought to survive.” Some made it, some didn’t. “You fought for years.” He described it this way: “I have three sisters who all had and still have cancer. Somehow our family was hit pretty hard. They are all still alive, one had breast cancer. But it worked out now because they recognized it early enough. The other still has cancer, that’s my oldest sister. She’s doing quite well, but of course it’s in her and at some point what happens to all of us will happen. We will all die at some point.”

He also remembered how he saved his sister’s life: “I donated bone marrow to my sister at the time. She had leukemia, which is blood cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of it. I was 21 or so. It was a matter of life and death for her. Luckily, she made it through, thanks to my bone marrow.”

His father, on the other hand, died of cancer at the age of 58. “I was in my early to mid-20s then. I didn’t have such a good relationship back then. Of course, it still affected me.” Because: “No matter what the relationship is like, other questions arise where you say: I can’t clarify things anymore, I can’t ask questions anymore.”

The subject of death has been with him for a long time – and he wants to take it out of the taboo corner: “It is important to talk about it and to see how we can best deal with what will affect us all, so that people can leave us with dignity.”

Palliative Association with his cousin

He had brought his cousin Benjamin Vogel (41), a trained nurse and home manager in Bochum, to the talk show. Benjamin Vogel has also experienced severe blows of fate. He lost his son after birth, the mother of his second son died of a tumor and his father of Corona. In order to support terminally ill patients and their families, he founded the association “Palliativberatung basis e. V.” three years ago. The patron is Jürgen Vogel. The actor, who has seven children, is also involved in a children’s hospice in Hamburg and the association “Junge Helden”, which educates people about organ donation.

Source: Stern

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