These are the best homemade cleaning tricks to wash your glass bottles

These are the best homemade cleaning tricks to wash your glass bottles
These are the best homemade cleaning tricks to wash your glass bottles

Using dirty containers can be dangerous to your health, in addition to shortening their useful life. Learn how to properly disinfect these bottles.


With the new need for recycle and care for the environmentthe reuse of Glass bottles to store water in the refrigerator or any other type of preparations. However, before filling them with any organic content, it is important to give them a correct cleaning and wash them thoroughly in all their corners.

Furthermore, once daily use has been incorporated, they should be washed between each use, since humid and dark environments are excellent for hygiene. proliferation of bacteria and germswhich can affect our health if we ingest them.

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How to clean glass bottles

To remove superficial stains, the combo of water and detergent It never fails, but if you are faced with dirt that is more difficult to reach or has settled for longer, these tricks can be very helpful.


A very effective and recommended trick is to use rice as the main ingredient to leave the bottle completely clean. You just have to fill the bottle with a handful of rice and a few drops of detergent. With a little water, shake until foaming, this will exfoliate the walls of the bottle and remove old grime. Then, rinse with warm water.


A good way to reach all corners of the bottle is with thick san. Mix warm water and coarse salt in the bottle and shake until a paste forms. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse until there is no residue.


The disinfecting properties of vinegar make it an excellent candidate for washing your bottle. After washing it with water and detergent, pour a splash of vinegar into the bottle and let it sit overnight. The next morning throw away what is left and clean again.

Baking soda

Like vinegar, this method requires a few hours of waiting. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with water and throw it into the bottle in question. Let it sit for two hours and rinse it with very hot water, being careful not to burn yourself.

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