How do I know if I am president of a CRV?

How do I know if I am president of a CRV?
How do I know if I am president of a CRV?

The members of a Vote Receiving Commission are officials and public notaries appointed by the Electoral Boards.

The Internal Elections 2024 in Uruguay will have, as always, the participation of the Vote Receiving Commissions (CRV) and, within them, its three members: president, secretary and member. Designated by the Electoral Board, These people cannot refuse to fulfill their civic role, with few and justified exceptions. But how do I know if I was summoned as president of a CRV?

Unlike what happens in other countries, where the people in charge of controlling and guaranteeing the proper functioning of the democratic day are ordinary citizens chosen at random, in Uruguay CRV authorities are public officials and notaries, both the starters and the ordinal substitutes.

Therefore, those who are chosen to fulfill these functions by the corresponding Electoral Boards are notified directly before the election. And they cannot refuse, and even their unjustified absence can lead to fines.

What is the process of appointing the president of the CRV?

Ninety days before elections 2024, the Electoral Court requests the list of officials at state agencies Yet the Notarial Box. From these lists, a president, a secretary and a member are selected for each CRV, depending on the city in which they vote.

Once the designations are made, the Court informs the organizations again so that they are the ones to notify the people chosen to be authorities on election day. To do this, they must receive with signature and distribute to officials, as appropriate, the note with the circuit in which they have to work and the assigned role.

So how do I know if I am president of the CRV? To start, you have to be public official or notary, and the corresponding notification must arrive from the Electoral Court, either through a state agency or the Notarial Fund. This is important since both the president, the secretary and the member must carry out a training mandatory.

Other people should only consult the electoral roll where it is your turn to vote on Sunday the 30th. You can do so on the official website of the Electoral Court or in the registry search engine.

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