Fashion trend wide-leg pants: These styling mistakes make many

Fashion trend wide-leg pants: These styling mistakes make many
Fashion trend wide-leg pants: These styling mistakes make many

Wide-leg pants are absolutely on trend right now! If you avoid these combination mistakes, you’ll look really stylish.

Wide-leg trousers are the absolute hit this summer. Whether linen, fabric or jeans – fashionistas are currently opting for wide-cut trousers and banishing tight skinny jeans to the back of their wardrobe. No wonder, because wide-leg cuts not only look super stylish, but are also much more comfortable. However, not every it-piece can be combined with them. These are the most common styling mistakes.

The wrong model

First of all, you need to find the right pair of trousers. This starts with the colour and ends with the length. Dark blue or cream-white jeans, white linen trousers or grey fabric trousers are currently in fashion. As far as colour and material are concerned, you need to experiment and make sure that your skin tone matches the colour. Pleated fabrics can sometimes be bulky, linen fabrics can be too transparent and jeans too short. The length is the biggest problem. High-water trousers are a styling no-go and legs that are too long make us stumble through everyday life. Our tip: pay attention to the length and, if necessary, ask for advice in the shop. The trousers should always lie flat on the foot. The waistband should be tight and high on the waist. If you prefer something looser and at hip height, you should go for baggy jeans – which are also trendy at the moment.

The wrong top

The tailored cut makes the wide-leg trousers look very feminine and elegant, the leg is visually lengthened – so much for the advantages. The disadvantage is that it is often difficult to combine them with the right top. Long tops or jackets do not harmonize with the cut. Instead, opt for shortened tops and blouses, tight bodysuits or crop jackets, as this emphasizes the narrow middle of the body. Normal-length blouses can be tucked into the trousers, for example, and a belt also makes a lot of sense here, as it further emphasizes the waist.

The wrong shoes

Many people think that floor-length wide-leg trousers need to be worn with high heels to give the trouser leg an elegant curve. Wrong! Flat shoes and sneakers go equally well with this trendy model. However, fashion lovers are increasingly turning to ballerina flats, which are currently making a fashion comeback – especially with straps over the instep. Alternatively, chunky loafers or pointed ankle boots with heels also work.

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