The validation of the signatures of the PIT-CNT plebiscite would end next week

The validation of the signatures of the PIT-CNT plebiscite would end next week
The validation of the signatures of the PIT-CNT plebiscite would end next week

The Electoral Court He announced that next week he would finish validating the total number of signatures for the social security plebiscite presented by the PIT-CNT and that, until now, it had 8.5% of the necessary validations of the electoral roll, so it would lack 1.5% to be taken to scrutiny.

“The task is going according to plan and it is expected that it can be completed in a week or ten days,” Garchitorena assured Radio Montecarlo and determined that the work would have been completed by the first week of July.

The questioning of the ruling party

The former minister of National Defense (MDN) and senator of the National Party (PN), Javier Garciaharshly criticized the PIT-CNT for the more than 70,000 signatures that have been rejected by the Electoral Court of the 430,023 signatures that were delivered at the end of April to reach the plebiscite against the social security reform.

This Wednesday at a press conference, the former leader of Executive power He positively valued the actions of the Electoral Court officials, but called the situation “a scandal” on the part of the union leadership.

“I think that at this point in the party, that the 70,000 invalidated signatures have already passed and would exceed 100,000 invalidated signatures if it continued, it is a scandal,” he emphasized. Garcia about.

“Those who presented the signatures have to explain how a deceased person does to sign, dead people signed, people who two years ago had their credentials excluded because they did not come to vote for two years.” elections, They came to sign and left,” he continued.

Likewise, García remarked that “there are more than 30,000 signatures that do not match” the lines, and that “the regulations are exactly the opposite” of what the leadership of the PIT-CNT explained to justify this, since “the regulations provide that if there is a very slight resemblance to the previous (signature) it is validated, that is, those that were invalidated are because they had nothing to do with anything.”

“430,000 signatures were presented with great fanfare, and we have to subtract 100,000, that is, they will get there. I think it is not right and what was done is very wrong,” reflected the nationalist politician.

In the last few days PIT-CNT He proposed to the Electoral Court to redeliver the rejected signatures, in order to ensure the viability of the plebiscite.

“If your name and your signature appear and you did not sign, on your signature there is fraud. There are always rejections in every plebiscite, this far exceeds the collection of signatures from the existing precedents,” he concluded.

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