Mendoza, land of great opportunities for haute cuisine

Mendoza, land of great opportunities for haute cuisine
Mendoza, land of great opportunities for haute cuisine

Throughout its 5000 kilometers, from Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina stands out for its varied and exquisite gastronomy, to the point that – along with football and tango – it has always been one of the greatest attractions that our country presents to the world and internal borders. But in recent years a phenomenon of unthinkable dimensions has occurred: local cuisine managed to be among the most outstanding globally hand in hand with a culinary revolution focused on returning to the roots, on fusion – always looking for exquisite flavors with a native touch – and on the reinterpretation of the latest trends. Accompanying and promoting this revolution, Argentine viticulture also converted, becoming a mecca on a global scale.

As an example of this phenomenon, it is enough to mention that, in 2023, the National Geographic ranking placed Argentina among the countries with the best gastronomy in the world, while Taste Atlas – a renowned international guide to traditional foods – placed it in the position 14 on an extensive list made up of 100 nations. In this context, that same year, our country became the first Spanish-speaking and Latin American country to be examined by the strict gastronomic inspectors of the prestigious Michelin Guide.

Land of sun and good wine

The Michelin Guide’s team of anonymous inspectors set their radar on the province of Mendoza and the particular evolution of its gastronomic scene. The “culinary wonders” they discovered in the province – one of the most coveted wine capitals in the world – led them to include it as a destination that should be examined. On that tour, they were surprised by its unique gastronomic proposal, the attractive dynamics of the sector and the sense of hospitality, which become even more relevant when combined with the exceptional landscapes offered by the Andes Mountains, the historic vineyards and a wine culture. deeply rooted in its inhabitants.

Four Mendoza restaurants were awarded the coveted Michelin Star: Zonda Cocina de Paisaje, Casa Vigil, Brindillas and Azafrán. In addition, another 15 establishments in the province were included among those recommended by the Guide. Within this “select” group, Abrasado Restaurante, from Bodega Los Toneles, stands out, distinguished for the quality of the service, the infrastructure and for its gastronomic proposal.

Located in the town of Guaymallén, very close to the provincial capital, Abrasado had already been awarded an international gold medal in the Best Of Wine Tourism category in 2022. Now, with its incorporation into the Michelin Guide, the establishment of Bodega Los Toneles adds new recognition and one more reason to proudly celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

10 years offering memorable experiences

Abrasado Restaurante made a strong commitment to excellence in service since its foundation, and in recent years, it has managed to add value to its gastronomic proposal by focusing on the professionalization of the staff. The incorporation of the Head Sommelier, a space occupied by the experienced Patricio Jara, was key to ensuring diners a memorable experience from the moment of reservation, including an exceptional selection of wines, high-quality service and unique pairings. , which allow us to highlight the characteristics of the wines and the flavors proposed on the menu.

Another distinctive feature of Abrasado is its menu with its own seal, in which matured meats occupy a prominent place. The use of various maturation methods and techniques, such as Dry Aged Beef, enhances the flavors and tenderness of the meats, leaving the end result a premium product. At Abrasado we also work with the so-called “intervened maturations”, in which the process becomes more complex with added flavors, such as Tbone injected in olive oil and black garlic, whiskey steak or Filet in combu seaweed. 15 days of maturation.


Likewise, the quality of the raw material and its traceability are two relevant aspects of the establishment. Abrasado’s menu includes dishes that change at the rhythm of seasonal products, following the idea of ​​a “from the field to the plate” proposal. And at this point the veggie dishes take center stage, always made with inputs obtained from the garden and the company’s own hydroponic crops, a fundamental part of the establishment’s ambitious self-sustainable project. Among other options created by its executive chef, Matías Gutiérrez, the exquisite Chorizo ​​Steak submerged in Whiskey and unique creations such as the Pistachio Nutella Risotto stand out, as well as the incorporation of more dishes suitable for celiacs such as Gírcolas a la Chapa.

Finally, the wineries Los Toneles, Wines Series, Mosquita Muerta Wines and Fuego Blanco Wines; the multi-award-winning Olivícola Laur (number one in the world and for the third consecutive year), Acetaia Millán and the Casa Tapaus distillery, La Embajada Carnes, are companies also belonging to Familia Millán, wines, distillates, olive oil, balsamic vinegar , spices and meats complement this concept from the field to the plate.

The Senses Cycle: a bridge between different cultures

A distinctive feature of Abrasado’s proposal is undoubtedly its Ciclo Sentidos, an initiative in the best “fine dining” style incorporated with great success in 2023, through which chef Matías Gutiérrez invites different national and international leaders to cook a menu in tandem. in steps, paired with the wines from the winery. The next edition is this coming Monday, June 24 at night and will run throughout the year with new and surprising experiences, taking place once a month.

Agustín Baragiola, executive chef at Margot (Santa Fé); Juan Gaffuri, in charge of the kitchen at the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires; Walter Leal, from Finca Restaurante (Jujuy), and Javier Avilés, chef from Pulpería Santa Elvira, in Santiago de Chile, are just some of the prestigious chefs who joined in previous editions.

As a plus, it should be noted that Abrasado Restaurante was one of the pioneers in applying an exclusive benefit for Argentine residents, offering a 20% discount applicable to everything consumed. The objective is to “embrace” compatriots, providing a premium gastronomic proposal that is within the reach of lovers of good gastronomy.

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