This is the way to pet a cat and not get hurt trying

This is the way to pet a cat and not get hurt trying
This is the way to pet a cat and not get hurt trying

Although they may seem surly at first, the reality is that you just have to know how to treat them so that they gain confidence and allow themselves to be pampered.


Cats became one of the most popular pets in recent times, and more and more homes choose them as furry companions. Although in the first instance they can be rather withdrawn and even show aggressive responses to physical contact, there are ways to reach their heart and pamper them.

Dr. Lauren Finka, representing the Nottingham Trent Universitypublished crucial information for cat lovers interested in learning how to pet cats correctlyResearch suggests that most cats do not enjoy being petted in the way humans are used to. This is because they tend to pamper dogs and want to do the same with felines.


Hugging your cat is highly beneficial for both of you.

Hugs to your cat are highly beneficial for both of you.

How cats like to be petted

Cats, by nature, They are not social nor are they accustomed to physical contact, unlike, for example, dogs. Caresses are usually more tolerated than enjoyedwhen they concentrate on unfavorable areas such as the tail and belly, because they find that behind these displays of affection are the person who feeds them and takes care of their health.

The preferred areas to receive pampering, according to research, are the cheeks, the base of the ears and under the chin. It is recommended that owners initiate contact gently and observing the cat’s response. If he shows signs of enjoyment, such as purring or rubbing against the owner, you can continue. Otherwise, it is better to stop contact and give the animal space to avoid stressful situations.

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