The wife of a Chilean player criticized De Paul: “You are really dirty”

The wife of a Chilean player criticized De Paul: “You are really dirty”
The wife of a Chilean player criticized De Paul: “You are really dirty”

The wife of a Chilean soccer player joined the criticism by trans-Andean fans against Rodrigo De Paul, after the victory of the Argentine team in the Copa América.

To the archer’s criticism Claudio Bravo and the reactions in social networks against Rodrigo DePaul the wife of Gabriel Suazo, who launched harsh accusations against the Argentine midfielder. He also criticized the conduct of the national team in the 1-0 victory against Chili by America Cup.

With an energetic message on her Instagram account, the wife of Suazo did not hesitate to rate From Paul of “dirty” due to a sudden attack that the latter made against her husband. “The cards for the rival team were not allowed, it seems. You are really dirty @rodridepaul. You could have injured him and you didn’t even apologize. Bad ass”wrote Gabriela Rojas where he stressed his indignation at what he considered a lack of “fair play.”


The controversial statement reflects the high degree of frustration within the Chilean team and its environment, after what they consider to be unsportsmanlike conduct by the Argentine players. This episode adds to a series of controversies that have marked the tournament, exacerbating the rivalry between both teams.

The Chilean goalkeeper had started the tension with a stick due to the level shown by Argentina: “You have to give credit to Peru. The Peruvian team ran more than Argentina and was more intense than them during all parts of the game and that makes it impossible for you to be able to play like we do. All teams have that degree of physicality. I think that today we equaled forces with Argentina. They had chances and so did we.

The Argentine National Team achieved an agonizing and hard-fought victory against Chili by 1 to 0 and sealed the pass to the quarterfinals of the America Cup Tonight in New Jerseywithin the framework of the second date of Group A.

The front Lautaro Martínez43 minutes into the second half, gave the “albiceleste” team the victory.

With this result, the argentine national team It reached six points and is at the top of its area. In addition, a place in the next instance has already been secured, since Canada is located second with three units, while Chili and Peru They close the group with a point.

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