MAX: the horror miniseries about racism and evil spirits that lasts only 10 chapters

MAX: the horror miniseries about racism and evil spirits that lasts only 10 chapters
MAX: the horror miniseries about racism and evil spirits that lasts only 10 chapters

It is one of the horror series that combines the mystical beasts of Lovecraft with the view on racism of its director, Jordan Peele.

Lovecraft Territory is a horror story available in Max that combines the best of the American writer with the horror of racism, that the insignia of its director, Jordan Peele. The creator of Get Out, Us and Nope makes the fear of mythological and mysterious monsters equated with bestiality and discrimination of human beings.

It is one of the series which lovers of the genre valued most because it adapts several short stories by Lovecraft and the fear of the unknown that the writer expressed in his novels. His characters are a group of African Americans who will travel through the United States in the 1950s, Their dangers can appear in the form of incredible monsters or even racist police officers.

What Lovecraft Territory is about, MAX miniseries

The story focuses on Atticus Black, a young African-American who returns from the Korean War to find out that his father disappeared. From the first moment we will feel the discomfort and terror towards the same society, which segregates him to a special part of the group for those of his race. We will often witness similar situations and how these laws can be twisted to work against you.

Upon arriving home, Afficus He finds a letter that his father left him to invite him to learn about the family legacy in a large mansion in Massachusetts. She also reunites with her childhood friend, Letitia, and her uncle George, who will accompany them across the United States. They will be guided by a book, which works like a travel notebook but at the same time keeps stories and warnings about some of the dangers they could encounter.

Trailer for Lovecraft Territory, MAX miniseries

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Cast of Lovecraft Territory, MAX miniseries

The Serie co-produced between Misha Green and Jordan Peele It is developed in 10 almost self-contained chapters. These are based on the novel of the same name by Matt Ruff, where the different characters will share the spotlight in each of them to get to know them better. The main cast of the production is made up of: Jurnee Smollett, Jonathan Majors and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor

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